Case Study

Hurix Digital Develops 100 Interactive Learning Programs for a Leading US-Based Education Institution in Just a Year

Client Overview

With over 40 years of experience in education for adults, our client has established itself as a pioneer in providing higher education opportunities tailored to professionals who balance work and family commitments.
Our client’s curriculum integrates academic theory with lifelong learning and professional practice, aiming to equip adult learners with practical skills.
A fun fact: Our client has helped over a million students achieve their educational goals, reflecting its commitment to accessible, flexible education.

The Challenge

Our client faced the challenge of developing 100 interactive eLearning modules, each 60 minutes long, focused on new-age skills for a diverse audience aged 18 to 65. These learners are either already employed or preparing to enter the workforce. The primary challenges included:
  • Ensuring the course design made the content easy to learn and engaging for a diverse audience while aligning with skill-based learning objectives.
  • Creating assessments that effectively test the skills taught and instill confidence in learners to apply these skills in real-world scenarios.
  • Developing high-quality content rapidly within just 1 year.

Our Solution

Hurix Digital partnered with the client to develop the modules using an effective instructional design model. The content was designed based on Merrill’s Principles of Instruction, which emphasizes a task-centered approach to facilitate effective learning.

This model encourages creating learning materials directly relevant to the learners’ real-world tasks, ensuring practical application and engagement.

The solution was made using our extensive experience in content design and development. It included:











The Result

  • The interactive eLearning modules boosted learner engagement by 45%.
  • Learners were able to grasp new skills 25% quicker than the average learners.
  • The rapid development process enabled the creation of 100 high-quality modules within the 1-year deadline, meeting the tight deadline without compromising quality.
  • The diverse and engaging content successfully catered to a wide age range (18 to 65 years).
  • The cutting-edge eLearning modules gave our client a competitive edge in the education market, differentiating them from other institutions.
  • The rapid development of high-quality content within a year resulted in a 25% increase in ROI.