Case Study

Hurix Digital Modernizes IT Systems for a Food Manufacturing Giant

Client Overview

Our client is a renowned food items manufacturer headquartered on the East Coast of the USA. The client has a huge workforce of over 1,000 employees and annual revenues surpassing $1 billion, they play a pivotal role in the food manufacturing industry.

The Challenge

The client's IT infrastructure and services were outdated, having not undergone any significant upgrades or modernization for many years. This legacy system caused frequent and prolonged outages, leading to several critical challenges like:

Unproductive Man Hours

Frequent downtimes led to significant productivity losses.

Delays in Mission-Critical Business Activities

Business operations were often interrupted, causing delays in essential activities.

Customer and Channel Partner Dissatisfaction

Inconsistent IT performance resulted in dissatisfaction among customers and channel partners.

Loss of Business Revenue

Operational inefficiencies and downtimes impacted the company’s overall revenue.

These issues underscored the urgent need for a comprehensive modernization of their IT infrastructure to support their current operations and future growth.

Our Solution

Hurix Digital’s cloud services team initiated the transformation with its Cloud Advisory, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Application and Cloud Security services. This helped Hurix Digital understand the client’s current digital estate and prepare for a future that would address their business challenges and aspirations.


Discovery and Assessment


Strategic Planning and Business Case Development


Modernization and Migration


Enhanced Security Posture

This methodical approach ensured that the client’s IT services were upgraded and aligned with their long-term business goals.

The Result

Post-modernization, the client’s IT systems and services experienced a dramatic improvement. The results were:

These improvements resolved the client’s existing issues while also securing them for future success.

Client Testimonial