Case Study

Hurix Digital Transforms World’s Leading Trader’s Training Program with 93% Knowledge Improvement

Client Overview

Our client, one of the world's leading commodities and oil trading firms, operates in over 90 cities globally. Our client is renowned for its expertise in the trade lifecycle.
With a significant market presence and a vast network, the firm is committed to excellence in trading while ensuring health, safety, environment, and community (HSEC) compliance.

The Challenge

Despite being well-versed in the theoretical aspects of the trade cycle, new hires faced significant challenges in real-world trading scenarios. Specifically, they:
  • Felt overwhelmed and distracted in actual trade situations.
  • Struggled to understand and empathize with challenges at every trade stage.
  • Worked in silos, leading to poor communication and consultation among colleagues.
  • Neglected HSEC considerations, impacting overall business performance.
To combat this challenge, our client’s needs were to:
  • Develop a new generation of traders proficient in the realities of the trade lifecycle.
  • Equip new hires with the ability to make timely, informed decisions under pressure.
  • Foster profitable trade operations while ensuring strong relationships and HSEC compliance.

Our Solution

To address these challenges, Hurix Digital conducted an in-depth analysis of the learners’ experiences to craft a comprehensive strategy. This innovative approach aimed to:

  • Immerse learners in a hectic, high-adrenaline trading environment.
  • Ensure on-time trade completion focusing on profitability, relationship building, and HSEC compliance.
  • Develop a tool that replicates the dynamic, information-overloaded trading environment, complete with real-life distractions.

Hurix Digital created a sophisticated trade lifecycle simulation, which tracked four key parameters: Profit/Loss, Time, Communication, and HSEC (Health, Safety, Environment, and Community)The simulation featured:

  • Real-life trading stages, from trade booking to commodity delivery.
  • Decision-making scenarios with opportunities for short colleague conversations, distracting messages, and live news updates.
  • A score dashboard to motivate continuous improvement through multiple simulation attempts.

The simulation was designed using HTML5/CSS3/jQuery and GSAP-based animations for smooth transitions. It was easily accessible, lightweight, and extendable, to make deployment easy via the client’s internal eLearning LMS platform.

The Result

A survey conducted a month after the launch showed significant positive impacts like:

  • 93% of employees felt the simulation improved their knowledge of various departments.
  • 93% found the simulation highly engaging and relevant.
  • 82% rated their overall experience as 4 or 5 out of 5.
  • 84% found the simulation easy to navigate (GUI).
  • 44% felt comfortable sharing their scores on the intranet.
  • 91% are likely to recommend the simulation to peers and colleagues.

As the client approached its 30th anniversary, the simulation utilized advanced technology to connect its global staff in 90 cities with the business. The program was translated into Spanish to ensure maximum reach.

Despite launching during the pandemic, the project was successfully developed remotely, with collaboration across three time zones. This demonstrated Hurix Digital’s capability to deliver complex simulation projects without face-to-face interactions, setting a new standard for remote development.