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HurixDigital Helps Prominent University Bridge the AI Knowledge Gap in Higher Education

HurixDigital Helps Prominent University Bridge the AI Knowledge Gap in Higher Education

In a rapidly evolving world where the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) is increasing each day, higher-ed institutions are facing an unprecedented challenge from this brilliant tech to ensure their relevance. 

AI Knowledge Gap in Higher Education


Overview: Our client, one of the USA’s leading educational institutions, and renowned for its cutting-edge online learning platform, wanted to position itself as a pioneer in providing students with higher education through tailored programs and convenient learning formats.

The client faced a significant challenge due to AI’s widespread influence. Despite AI creeping its way into the workplace, a survey revealed a substantial knowledge gap among U.S. adults, including Generation Z, regarding diverse AI models.

AI Knowledge Gap in Higher Education 1



Confronted with the rising power of AI, the university recognized the need to address the knowledge gap. A survey conducted on the impact of AI in higher education and the workplace revealed a gap in truly understanding AI tools. While nearly 3 in 5 U.S. adults supported using AI tools in the workplace, a majority, including Gen-Z, lacked familiarity with various AI models.

The challenge was clear – how to equip learners with the essential understanding of AI models to thrive in an increasingly AI-driven world.

Solution by Hurix: 

AI Knowledge Gap in Higher Education 3


In collaboration with Hurix Digital, the university aimed to address this knowledge gap by introducing a transformative solution — an online, self-paced AI training program. Here are some of the key features of this newly developed AI training program that helped the university immensely:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: The intuitive program covered AI functionality, challenges, and opportunities of generative AI, problem-solving techniques, and intelligent AI solution analysis.
  • Flexibility: It was structured to be useful for beginners, amateurs, and even total pros. 
  • Self-Paced Learning: The program was crafted to allow learners to progress at their speed, ensuring understanding and retention.
  • Tailored Pathways: With our intervention, we helped create customized learning paths for diverse skill levels, promoting inclusivity and engagement.
  • Real-World Application: This new program is designed for practical applications, enabling learners to apply AI knowledge to their real-life problems effectively.
  • Structured Learning Experience: This ingenious program delivered a systematic and organized approach, enhancing the learning journey.


AI Knowledge Gap in Higher Education 2


This AI training program yielded remarkable results, not just for the university, but for its students too. The course provided a structured and flexible learning experience to accommodate the diverse learning needs of all. The university successfully navigated the challenges posed by the AI knowledge gap, empowering learners to embrace and confidently utilize AI in real-world scenarios.