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How to Use Gamification for Transforming Training in Healthcare

This guide helps you understand and implement gamification in healthcare training, it not only showcases innovative ways to transform your training programs but also highlights the numerous benefits of gamified learning in the healthcare sector.

How to Use Gamification for Transforming Training in Healthcare
How to Create Digital Courseware for Higher Education

How to Create Digital Courseware for Higher Education

Creating effective digital courseware is becoming increasingly crucial for higher education institutions. This guide provides valuable insights on creating engaging, accessible, and effective digital learning materials that meet the needs of today’s students.

How to Create an Online Training Program for Employees

This guide provides valuable insights into developing a training strategy that aligns with your business objectives while meeting the diverse learning needs of your workforce.

How to Create an Online Training Program for Employees

How to Boost Website Efficiency with AEM Workflows and Automation?

Discover simple ways to enhance the efficiency of your website using AEM features for workflows and automation and to boost your website performance drastically.

How to Create an Accessible Brand in 2024 and Beyond

Accessibility across the web has become a key driver of attracting more traffic to your digital channels while making the content accessible for everyone. With many laws coming into place at a rapid pace, your business must adapt to these changes, and even be ready for any foreseeable changes.
Your brand can achieve high accessibility and visibility by considering some simple aspects – read about what they are.

How to Design Learning Paths for Employee Training & Development

Employees, today, want absolute freedom while taking up training and expect the programs to be designed to suit their unique learning styles. And learning paths offer a great deal of immersive learning experience. A learning path is a learner-centric sequenced route that structures your training content, emphasizes the goals, preferences, and learning objectives of employees.

How to Choose the Right LMS for Your Business

The global market for LMS is projected to grow by 7.2 % each year through 2025. With these estimates, we can anticipate that companies are going to expand at scale, resulting in a surge in demand for the best LMS tools. In a bid to provide compelling training opportunities, organizations are opting for custom LMS solutions that would suit the learning needs of their employees.

How to Convert to Flash-based Content to HTML5

With Flash out of the picture, what will online content developers do next to create interactive digital content? The end of Flash was long anticipated, and now that the time is here, organizations are trying to get all their Flash-based content converted to the current best available choice – HTML5.

How to Create Custom eLearning Content for Every Budget

While it is important for companies to invest in eLearning content that will benefit their employees the most, it is also essential to ensure that they do it within their budget. Every organization has a budget set aside for training and development. And eLearning is something that can be customized according to the specific requirements of every organization.